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Prepaid Electricity available online for Eskom, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane and Other Municipalities.

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Prepaid Cellular - Recharge Prepaid airtime and data online, via EFT.
Prepaid ADSL - Recharge Prepaid ADSL online, via EFT
Contact us, or see the status of your municipality! Prepaid24 banking details - Find banking detail to recharge now. Corporate / Multiple Platform Tariffs and Charges Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Register online within minutes with NO personal details required
  • Buy from the comfort and safety of your home or office
  • Use safe EFT technology - NO credit cards needed
  • Receive your token via SMS and e-mail within minutes
  • Transact 24/7
  • Contact our LIVE online client support for fast and friendly assistance
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Flippit!!! Julle is deksels effektief. Baie dankie Koopkrag24 vir julle uitstekende aanlyn elektrisiteits diens. Julle is TOPS!

Posted via Live Support by Nettie Steyn from Metsimaholo on 01 September 2014

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Municipalities and private meter companies we can recharge:

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Please note
Each time we receive a payment with the above cell number as reference, we will recharge the last electricity meter you have registered against it. Due to the fact that the electrical distribution company not being able to give Prepaid24 credits, Prepaid24 will not be able to give credits to consumers giving the wrong information. If you want to be able to recharge more than one electricity meter with a single EFT, please visit our Client Control Panel to register all the additional meters and manage your purchases from there in either our  Multiple (between 2 and 50 meters) or Corporate (more than 50 meters) solutions.
Report a problem
If you have any problems, challenges or do not receive your voucher/pin in 15 minutes, please submit an enquiry to Prepaid24 on our Support website
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Now you can recharge your prepaid phone and data in a similar way. You can also buy Prepaid ADSL with Prepaid24.

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Not only do we offer you the convenience of being able to transact through us - 24/7, but Prepaid24 now invites you to contact us on

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Some features:
∙ Transact Anywhere - 24/7
∙ Safe and Secure access to Emergency Tokens
∙ Facility to recharge Multiple Devices with a
  single payment
∙ Customised Alerts and Reminders
∙ Your Municipality's Online Status
∙ Purchase History
∙ Previous Tokens bought
  and more....

Please note: Navigate to Live Online Support on the website if you require any assistance.

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As an alternative to downloading the App from the Google Play store - Visit to access the mobile app. Then, to create the mobile app icon on your desktop, please select the BB menu key> Add to home screen > deselect "Mark as Favorite" > select "Add".

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3 Easy Steps

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Simply follow these 3 Easy Steps to Register and Buy Prepaid Electricity:
1 Register
Register by only providing your Prepaid Meter number , cell phone number and e-mail address. No names or personal details.
2 Make payment
Note our BANK DETAILS, create beneficiary in your own bank with correct reference: E and your cell number E.g. E0820011001 and make payment to Prepaid24's account for the amount you want to recharge.
Click here to see your bank's details
3 Recharge
Punch the token number that you will receive from us into your meter to recharge your electricity. Prepaid24 will attempt to send your tokens to your cell phone (number used in 2) within the shortest possible time. Most transactions take less than 15 minutes, but because Prepaid24 is reliant on other 3rd parties like municipalities and service providers, Prepaid24 cannot guarantee a set recharge time.) CITY OF CAPE TOWN users ONLY: Take note of the very important procedures to be followed to claim your electricity tokens.Click here to see details
Next time you want to recharge:
Simply follow steps 2 & 3!!!