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Clients' Comments

See comments from clients after they have used the Prepaid24 Platform, that is available 24/7 to buy prepaid electricity for Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

I had made a payment to Prepaid24 for electricity only to discover my meter wasn’t registered with Prepaid24. Prepaid24 live online support assisted me promptly with registering and now I can purchase my electricity online via eft. Posted via HelloPeter by tamzyn from Durban on 26th February 2013
I have incorrectly paid for electricity into Prepaid24's Nedbank account from my account with another bank. They managed to track down the transaction and provided me with my electricity token. No problem for them. Their Online live Support chat function is very effective and Prepaid24’s representatives really want to help resolving issues. I have not seen this level of customer service in a long time. Posted via HelloPeter by Dirk from City of Cape Town on 22nd February 2013
I contacted Prepaid24’s online live support concerning an electricity token that I didn’t received. The consultant at live support sorted my problem within 5 minutes. Thank you Prepaid24 live support for the remarkable service. Posted via Live Support by Leah from Lekwa on 14th February 2013
Prepaid24 offers a fast and brilliant service that saves me time and is hassles free! Thank you Prepaid24 online EFT service Posted by Charlene from Musina on 5th February 2013
Thank you Prepaid24 for your exceptional online prepaid electricity service via EFT and live support!! Posted via Email Support by Starrine from Ekurhuleni on 3rd February 2013
I would strongly recommend Prepaid24 for buying electricity online via eft. It is simple, secure. Above all Prepaid24 can provide you with accurate records on your electricity expenditure. Well done with a great service! Posted via This Website by Dirk from Strand on 31st January 2013
Thank you Prepaid24 so much for the awesome prepaid electricity online via eft service!!! I am really very impressed Posted via Live Support by Tracy from City of Johannesburg on 30th January 2013
Thank you Prepaid24 for your online prepaid electricity via EFT service – this excellent online service and support unequal to any I have come across. Posted by Marita from Tshwane on 28th January 2013
Baie dankie aan Prepaid24 vir julle wonderlike, vinnige, aanlyn diens. Ek het nou al ‘n paar persone na Prepaid24 verwys om so hulle krag en selfoontyd te koop. Dit is vining, gerieflik, moeite vry, lang ure beskikbaar en jy hoef nie in rye te staan nie. Vir vrae is Prepaid24 altyd vining om terug te antwoorde {in Afrikaans}, dit waardeer ek baie. Aan elkeen wat twyfel, gebruik hulle gerus jy sal nooit spyt wees nie. Dankie Prepaid24 Posted by Rina from Sasolburg on 23rd January 2013
I made a wrong payment to Prepaid24 (an online electricity recharge platform), that was supposed to be for one of my other suppliers. They immediately picked up the payment, and Prepaid24 phoned me regarding this. I logged the ticket on their “Live support” and within an hour the money was refunded. I believe in good service, and I haven't received such good service in a long while. Thank You so much! Posted by Jannelie from Tzaneen on 23rd January 2013
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Prepaid24 - Always available

Not only do we offer you the convenience of being able to transact through us - 24/7, but Prepaid24 now invites you to contact us on

Mobile Application
Download our new mobile app! Apple iPhone or iPad Android Phone or tablet
Some features:
∙ Transact Anywhere - 24/7
∙ Safe and Secure access to Emergency Tokens
∙ Facility to recharge Multiple Devices with a
  single payment
∙ Customised Alerts and Reminders
∙ Your Municipality's Online Status
∙ Purchase History
∙ Previous Tokens bought
  and more....

Please note: Navigate to Live Online Support on the website if you require any assistance.

Blackberry Users

As an alternative to downloading the App from the Google Play store - Visit to access the mobile app. Then, to create the mobile app icon on your desktop, please select the BB menu key> Add to home screen > deselect "Mark as Favorite" > select "Add".

3 Easy Steps - Slide-in
3 Easy Steps

Click here to register

Simply follow these 3 Easy Steps to Register and Buy Prepaid Electricity:
1 Register
Register by only providing your Prepaid Meter number , cell phone number and e-mail address. No names or personal details.
2 Make payment
Note our BANK DETAILS, create beneficiary in your own bank with correct reference: E and your cell number E.g. E0820011001 and make payment to Prepaid24's account for the amount you want to recharge.
Click here to see your bank's details
3 Recharge
Punch the token number that you will receive from us into your meter to recharge your electricity. Prepaid24 will attempt to send your tokens to your cell phone (number used in 2) within the shortest possible time. Most transactions take less than 15 minutes, but because Prepaid24 is reliant on other 3rd parties like municipalities and service providers, Prepaid24 cannot guarantee a set recharge time.) CITY OF CAPE TOWN users ONLY: Take note of the very important procedures to be followed to claim your electricity tokens.Click here to see details
Next time you want to recharge:
Simply follow steps 2 & 3!!!