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Emergency Electricity

With Prepaid24's Emergency Electricity™ facility you will NEVER be caught off-guard.

Emergency Electricity

Have YOU ever....

  • run out of electricity at the most inconvenient times?
  • had to drive around at night to draw cash and find a shop that is online?
  • made fruitless trips to convenience stores to buy prepaid electricity only to find that they are off-line?
  • had to wait for your municipality to be online before you could buy electricity?

Buy Emergency Electricity™ for any and all your prepaid meters listed on your MyPP24Profile. Your Emergency Tokens are not sent to you, but stored securely in your MyPP24Profile facility.

What makes our Emergency Electricity™ so great, is the fact that you can prepare for all these unforeseen circumstances in advance!
Should you have any further queries, you are more than welcome to speak to one of our friendly consultants.

  1. Sign up with Prepaid24.
  2. Login to MyPP24Profile and add or make sure that your meter number has been added.
  3. Go to Transact Now and select your meter number under the "Emergency Electricity" tab.
  4. Add the amount to recharge and submit your transaction. Once your transaction has been processed your Emergency Token will be stored within your MyPP24Profile.
  5. To retrieve your token, simply log into your secure profile, retrieve the Emergency token and punch the number into your meter.
  • Your Emergency Electricity token is stored in your secure MyPP24Profile to use in case of emergency and will not be sent to you via SMS or email.
  • In order for us to process any electricity transactions, your municipality needs to be online. Unfortunately, we won't even be able to provide you with Emergency Electricity™ while your municipality or provider is offline.
  • Even though we won't be able to process any new electricity transactions while your municipality is offline, you will still be able to load tokens that were processed prior to this onto your meter. All the more reason to invest in this option!
  • The Emergency Electricity™ option is not a way to speed up the delivery of your token in a time of need.