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Prepaid Electricity and Airtime

Through Prepaid24 and The George Herald you can now recharge your prepaid Electricity and Airtime from your PC or cell phone, in the comfort of your home or office, 24/7, by doing an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). The safest and most cost-effective way to move funds!!!

  • No more surrendering your credit card details online
  • No more paying service fees per transaction
  • No more drawing large amounts of cash
  • No more inconvenient drives to the shop to buy electricity!
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Please Note:

Each time we receive a payment with the cell number as reference, we will recharge the last electricity meter or SIM you have registered against it.

Due to the fact that the electricity and airtime distribution companies not being able to give Prepaid24 credits, Prepaid24 will not be able to give credits to consumers giving the wrong information.

Report a problem:

If you have any problems, challenges or do not receive your voucher/pin in 15 minutes, please chat to us at PP24Seven Online Support or Submit an Enquiry

For more information on these products and services you are welcome to browse the site.



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Excellence! I was in another country with limited communication service and I had the privilege to be assisted by a Prepaid24 consultant from the Live Online support. He was very patient and assisted me with friendliness. I just want to say thank you! Posted via HelloPeter by Karen from on 17th August 2017
Well done! Excellent customer service received from Prepaid24 via Live Online Chat. Keep it up. Posted via HelloPeter by Gerald from on 12th August 2017
Fantastic service! We had trouble with our prepaid electricity token and the Prepaid24 consultant did a fantastic job in assisting. Posted by Hennie from on 11th August 2017
Great service from Prepaid24. Always helpful, polite and friendly . Satisfied. Posted via HelloPeter by Patricia from on 10th August 2017
Electric service! Everytime I deal with Prepaid24 I am always given amazing service. They email, they communicate, they call you if you don't reply to their email.... They walk on water. And a shout out to Prepaid24 for being super! Why can't all businesses be like this! Love you guys! Posted via HelloPeter by Paula from on 10th August 2017
Over the moon. Prepaid24 will go to the moon for you! I am a client for the past three years and they have never missed a beat! Service excellence par none Posted via HelloPeter by Jaco from on 9th August 2017
"Diens soos min! Vinnige, vriendelike en uiters effektiewe diens én onverbeterlike kommunikasie in jou taal van voorkeur! Baie, baie dankie en doet so voort asseblief!!!" Posted by Pierre from on 8th August 2017
Uitstekend! Uitstekende diens in Afrikaans! Baie dankie vir flink en vinnige hulp. Posted via HelloPeter by Mariette from on 8th August 2017
Great Service!! Thank you, Prepaid24, for your quick service! Excellent knowing I can get hold of Prepaid24 quickly through their Live Chat! Thanks again! Posted via HelloPeter by Anieka from on 7th August 2017
"Great Service! Had the pleasure of dealing with a Prepaid 24 consultant on the Live Chat. He provided me with the answer I needed very quickly and even gave me a few suggestions to assist me in the future. Thanks, Prepaid 24 for the great service. " Posted by Lee from on 6th August 2017
"Thanks for the excellent service Prepaid24. I was really amazed by the quick and sufficient help. Thanks so much I would really recommend this service to all our Potch people!" Posted via HelloPeter by Geraldine from on 5th August 2017
"Excellent service Prepaid24. Thank you for the prompt and efficient service. Greatly appreciated. " Posted via HelloPeter by Vanessa from on 5th August 2017
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