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Prepaid Electricity and Airtime

Through Prepaid24 and The George Herald you can now recharge your prepaid Electricity and Airtime from your PC or cell phone, in the comfort of your home or office, 24/7, by doing an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). The safest and most cost-effective way to move funds!!!

  • No more surrendering your credit card details online
  • No more paying service fees per transaction
  • No more drawing large amounts of cash
  • No more inconvenient drives to the shop to buy electricity!
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Please Note:

Each time we receive a payment with the cell number as reference, we will recharge the last electricity meter or SIM you have registered against it.

Due to the fact that the electricity and airtime distribution companies not being able to give Prepaid24 credits, Prepaid24 will not be able to give credits to consumers giving the wrong information.

Report a problem:

If you have any problems, challenges or do not receive your voucher/pin in 15 minutes, please chat to us at PP24Seven Online Support or Submit an Enquiry

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"Outstanding service from Prepaid24!! While fumbling around the Prepaid24 website trying to register and load Prepaid24 as a beneficiary I was about to give up and cancel my registration when I received a call from a consultant representing Prepaid24. Eish, the patience, respect and guidance I received from this young man made me persevere and I am now registered for both my metres which will save me countless trips to shops to purchase electricity. Along the way, I expressed concern that I had not yet received my token for a purchase I made and he even called me back to check if I received the SMS token which he saw go through on the Prepaid24 system. Thank you very much, Prepaid24, for your great service, it is very much appreciated!! :)" Posted via HelloPeter by Marion from on 28th June 2017
Great Service. I registered for this service tonight and made a mistake, the call centre phoned me immediately and let me know. They phoned after hours and helped me to correct the issue. They were very helpfull and friendly and resolved the issue immediately. Thank you Posted by Ruan from on 27th June 2017
"Excellent service!! We had a problem with buying electricity through our bank but never received the token number. We went online and had a Live Chat with a Prepaid24 consultant who sorted our problem for us in just a few minutes. Excellent and very professional service." Posted via HelloPeter by Tiena from on 27th June 2017
Excellent Service received from Prepaid24. The Support Department really went the extra mile to make a very frustrating and confusing first experience with this site as effortless and comfortable as humanly possible with me who are really new to such things and find it very frustrating and confusing in understanding all this blocks and ticks to select and click. You were my real hero of the day, thank you for your great interaction, all the feedback and updates as far as we went. I am smiling from ear to ear. Posted via HelloPeter by Bianca from on 27th June 2017
Excellent service. Prepaid24 sorted out my problem within minutes. I would highly recommend Prepaid24 to everybody!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Jenny from on 27th June 2017
Fantastic service received from Prepaid24. Thank you! Posted via HelloPeter by Jacinda from on 27th June 2017
"Prepaid24 Live Chat support excellent. The consultant was a great help on live support! Sorted my issue out in less than 10 min!!! Thank you so much!!" Posted via HelloPeter by Marnie from on 25th June 2017
"Prepaid24's Live Support so friendly and very helpful. Thank you for the good service at Middelburg Mpumalanga Prepaid24's Live Support. Thank you, Prepaid24 and the rest of the representatives. Proud to live in Middelburg" Posted via HelloPeter by Susan from on 23rd June 2017
"Service is good. Prepaid24 has this Live Chat facility for when you have a query, they respond promptly. When my issue was resolved, I received a follow-up call advising on how to not face the same issue again. Their only let down is FNB delaying to reflect payments that have been made. I was ready to not use this Prepaid24 service but the consultant suggested alternatives that I can make use of to avoid FNB delays. Keep up the good service guys." Posted via HelloPeter by Thobiswa from on 23rd June 2017
"Great customer service. Struggled with a purchase and got great assistance from a Prepaid24 consultant on the Live Chat option. Quick and easy." Posted via HelloPeter by Carina from on 23rd June 2017
"Excellent service from Prepaid24. I absolutely love the Live Chat option, which assists you if any problems are encountered with purchases. They respond quickly on all occasions that I have had to use this option (about three times previously in about 5 years). " Posted via HelloPeter by Nishant from on 23rd June 2017
"Prepaid24 is a star! I have just received fantastic service from a consultant on the Live chat support line. She was patient, competent and resolved my issue expeditiously. Very impressed with Prepaid 24" Posted via HelloPeter by Tanya from on 23rd June 2017
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