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Prepaid Electricity and Airtime

Through Prepaid24 and The George Herald you can now recharge your prepaid Electricity and Airtime from your PC or cell phone, in the comfort of your home or office, 24/7, by doing an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). The safest and most cost-effective way to move funds!!!

  • No more surrendering your credit card details online
  • No more paying service fees per transaction
  • No more drawing large amounts of cash
  • No more inconvenient drives to the shop to buy electricity!
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Please Note:

Each time we receive a payment with the cell number as reference, we will recharge the last electricity meter or SIM you have registered against it.

Due to the fact that the electricity and airtime distribution companies not being able to give Prepaid24 credits, Prepaid24 will not be able to give credits to consumers giving the wrong information.

Report a problem:

If you have any problems, challenges or do not receive your voucher/pin in 15 minutes, please chat to us at PP24Seven Online Support or Submit an Enquiry

For more information on these products and services you are welcome to browse the site.



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Great attitude. Appreciated the Prepaid24 consultant's attitude on the online chat while resolving my missing SMS of a purchased electricity token. Posted via HelloPeter by Hashiem from on 18th May 2017
Awesome live support. I have experienced issues from time to time buying electricty tokens, but everytime the live support helped me out and the problem was resolved in minutes. Good job guys!! Posted via HelloPeter by Robert from on 18th May 2017
Assistance with incorrect reference number. The Prepaid24 online consultant was great. Posted via HelloPeter by Jo-Mari from on 16th May 2017
Excellent service! I love the fact that Prepaid24 has the live chat option. It's easier than calling in and the response was almost immediate. The consultant was a great help and very friendly. Posted via HelloPeter by Tilana  from on 16th May 2017
Great service! Bought electricity online for parents, money was deducted from their bank account but no tokens were sent. Prepaid24 sorted it out in no time. Thanks for your kindness and excellent service Prepaid24!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Susan from on 16th May 2017
PREPAID24 IS THE BEST. Thank you to the online Prepaid24 consultant for very professional and kind assistance. My problem was solved in a few minutes! Posted via HelloPeter by Hannelie from on 13th May 2017
Excellence ! Prepaid Electricity Tokens received ..thank you very much for your assistance !! This is excellent service from Prepaid24 !!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Anni from on 12th May 2017
All goes well until it breaks - Prepaid24 saves the day! Thank heavens for the user-friendly support-desk at Prepaid24 - and for the patience of a Prepaid24 consultant. I don't know whether this was a 'bot' or a real person, but the empathy with which they dealt with the situation suggests the latter. Prepaid24 - here's your 5 stars **** Posted via HelloPeter by Adrian from on 12th May 2017
Awesome Service. Prepaid24 has an awesome online chat service when you have a query. They helped me through the process, as I am a new prepaid electricity account holder. Prepaid24 was extremely helpful and patient with all the questions I had and they resolved my issue within minutes. Absolutely impressed with this service and would highly recommend you use them if buying prepaid electricity online. Posted via HelloPeter by Tara from on 12th May 2017
Excellent service, thank you Prepaid24 for the prompt help! Posted via HelloPeter by Amos from on 11th May 2017
Prepaid24 is the fastest gun in town! Live chat with a consultant about delay on receiving a recharge code for prepaid electricity meter. Received an immediate response and code in less than 5 minute. Excellent service! Posted by Karen from on 10th May 2017
Prepaid24 Online help - it works. Great service from Prepaid24 online help desk agents. Posted via HelloPeter by Eric from on 10th May 2017
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