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Prepaid Electricity and Airtime

Through Prepaid24 and The George Herald you can now recharge your prepaid Electricity and Airtime from your PC or cell phone, in the comfort of your home or office, 24/7, by doing an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). The safest and most cost-effective way to move funds!!!

  • No more surrendering your credit card details online
  • No more paying service fees per transaction
  • No more drawing large amounts of cash
  • No more inconvenient drives to the shop to buy electricity!
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Please Note:

Each time we receive a payment with the cell number as reference, we will recharge the last electricity meter or SIM you have registered against it.

Due to the fact that the electricity and airtime distribution companies not being able to give Prepaid24 credits, Prepaid24 will not be able to give credits to consumers giving the wrong information.

Report a problem:

If you have any problems, challenges or do not receive your voucher/pin in 15 minutes, please chat to us at PP24Seven Online Support or Submit an Enquiry

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To the Prepaid24 consultant, for HER EXCELLENT service FRIENDLINESS & for speaking AFRIKAANS! Jys verby wonderlik! DANKIE!! JY MAG MAAR! Baie DANKIE! SA HET MEER MENSE SOOS JY NODIG!! Liefde Posted via HelloPeter by Alicia Conradie from on 22nd February 2017
The Prepaid24 online chat works brilliantly. I had a couple of interactions both of which were quick, friendly and efficient. They helped track down a problem I had with City Power (they registered the wrong prepaid meter on my account), and then the Prepaid24 team helped reprocess the payment quickly without me needing to do anything.... Posted via HelloPeter by Giulio Magni from on 22nd February 2017
Outstanding client service from Prepaid24!  The consultant resolved my query within minutes! Posted via HelloPeter by Elmien Kruger from on 20th February 2017
Thank you so much to each and every person that has assisted me the past few days with all my queries and struggles. Without all of you helping i would never have managed to get all these minor little problems sorted. Thanks a gain your service is of top quality keep it up Prepaid24! Posted via HelloPeter by juanita van straaten from on 20th February 2017
Still impressing me, showing all other service providers how its done. Thank you, keep up the good work Prepaid24! Posted via HelloPeter by Nicole Van Der Merwe from on 12th February 2017
Quick, effortless resolution to my problem. Thank you, Prepaid24 Posted via HelloPeter by Tracy Hill from on 12th February 2017
Your consultant has been fantastic help today – thank you! Posted via Email Support by Sherrilyn from on 8th February 2017
I had a problem where I received a code for my electricity but it was the wrong code for the wrong amount and that was because it wasn't processed correctly I think. On a monthly basis on a certain date we do a purchase on Prepaid24 and then I get a message with a link to go into to see what is my outstanding water bill and then we settle that as well through Prepaid24....but this time something went wrong and I received the wrong code like I said and I started talking a Prepaid24 consultants and explained to him what happened and that I needed help. He helped me to sort this out and gave full explanation of what happened and what he did. He sorted out the problem and my water bill is also sorted. Thank you so much for your help!! Posted via HelloPeter by Cynthia Potgieter from on 8th February 2017
Ongelooflike vriendelike en geduldige telefoniese hulp ontvang van Prepaid24!  Ek was binne minute gehelp. Mens is nie meer gewoond aan sulke diens nie! Posted via HelloPeter by Marna Jones from on 7th February 2017
I paid for prepaid electricity online on the 5th of Feb 2017 and there was a problem with the transaction, today the 6th a Prepaid24 consultant assisted me within minutes to resolve the issue. Job well done. Posted via HelloPeter by Koos van Niekerk from on 6th February 2017
Excellent Service! It is clear to me that Prepaid24 focuses on customer service and is always available to help! Posted via HelloPeter by Charine Meiring from on 6th February 2017
First time buying electricity via Prepaid24 website, had some trouble with completing the order. The assistance of the online support (being a very kind and patient consultant) was prompt, professional and efficient! Well done! I am impressed! Posted via HelloPeter by Christelle Filmalter from on 6th February 2017
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