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Clients' Comments

See comments from clients on the 24/7 Payment Platform, for prepaid electricity in Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

Fantastiese goeie vinnige vriendelike diens!!! Ek is regtig verbaas oor die baie goeie en vinnige diens wat ek gekry het en in my taal gekommunikeer was. Alles was mooi verduidelik en sommer vinnig reg gemaak! Baie dankie Prepaid24 vir julle wonderlike diens. Julle naam dra julle verseker met trots en so mag julle; ek meen op n Saterdag na 8H die aand sulke goeie diens! Julle is puik! Posted via HelloPeter by Annelize C from on 30th November 2019
I Would like to thank the Prepaid24 agent for her excellent service. I started using Prepaid24 3 months ago and the service is excellent. Thanks a million. Posted via HelloPeter by Lilanie B from on 27th November 2019
I started using Prepaid24 earlier this year to buy electricity. The service has been easy, quick and excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them. One thing that did prove particularly useful was the amount of detail that they provide on the electricity token and the fact that it was all electronic - Knysna Municipality had a problem (since fixed) that resulted in overcharges - using the tokens I was able to establish the amount of the overcharge and recover it. Posted via HelloPeter by Jerremy P from on 26th November 2019
The consultant from Prepaid 24 was very very helpful and got me sorted out very very quick. Posted via HelloPeter by Rinette E from on 22nd November 2019
Very efficient service from the agent. My problem was resolved in 2 min! Posted via HelloPeter by Juan S from on 22nd November 2019
The Prepaid24 Advisor was a big help today. I had no clue what to do whatsoever and she assisted me from the beginning to the end. Great job! Posted via HelloPeter by Madelyn B from on 21st November 2019
Thank you Prepaid24 - I really appreciated the assistance in getting our electricity token sorted after our meter had unexpectedly been upgraded yesterday. Special thanks to the consultant and tech support. Posted via HelloPeter by Lisa W from on 20th November 2019
This is the best platform to buy electricity for Buffalo City. You literally get units in less than a minute. I have never looked back ever since I signed up with them. Posted via HelloPeter by DZ N from on 19th November 2019
Excellent service from Prepaid24. No fuss at all! Posted via HelloPeter by Jinnie G from on 18th November 2019
Got great service from the Prepaid24 advisor. She sorted me out in a very timely manner and was friendly as well. Great stuff! Posted via HelloPeter by Adriaan E from on 17th November 2019
Great service from the consultant!! Posted via HelloPeter by Mbali M from on 11th November 2019
Thank you Prepaid24 for your assistance and swift response. Posted via HelloPeter by Tshepo M from on 8th November 2019


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