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See comments from clients on the 24/7 Payment Platform, for prepaid electricity in Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

I had an issue with my usual payment method after swapping to a new cellphone and I was unable to access my account to make a payment. One of the consultants at Prepaid24 on the live system was incredibly fast, friendly and most efficient! It was an absolute pleasure having them resolve my issue in a few seconds!! Posted via HelloPeter by Michelle B from on 17th May 2019
Excellent Service! One of Prepaid24's online consultants was so patient & helpful - they are an asset to the company! Thank you. Posted via HelloPeter by Lionel L from on 17th May 2019
I was assisted by an online consultant at Prepaid24 who was very helpful. Posted via HelloPeter by Maddy T from on 17th May 2019
The online consultant was very helpful and absolutely fantastic in approach, courtesy and friendliness. Top class service indeed. Purely satisfied and left without any doubt or confusion. Thank you. Posted via HelloPeter by mabasa Z from on 17th May 2019
Prepaid24 deserves a Bells! Excellent Service. Posted via HelloPeter by Jaco H from on 17th May 2019
The Prepaid24 consultant was awesome in helping me create a profile. They called me as soon as they picked up I wasn't sure on what to do when buying the prepaid electricity. They were patient and very helpful. They gave good direction as well as advice. Thank you. Will recommend these guys! Posted via HelloPeter by Jane D from on 17th May 2019
Excellent service. Thank you Prepaid24. Posted via HelloPeter by Hannes L from on 17th May 2019
A friendly person who works at Prepaid24 assisted me with getting my tokens. It took bit longer than usual for the token to generate and they were able to assist me within a few minutes via the Prepaid24 online Chat platform. Thank you. Posted via HelloPeter by Jean-louis P from on 17th May 2019
I received excellent service from Prepaid24. Posted via HelloPeter by Kobus B from on 17th May 2019
Awesome support and customer service from everyone at Prepaid24. Posted via HelloPeter by Yvette L from on 17th May 2019
Good day. I was at my wits end with regards to our electricity tokens. I was assisted by a friendly consultant. I was nervous because I was sure we did everything correctly and I didn't want to show my ignorance. They greeted me kindly and didn't seem to want to rush and get over and done with me. I felt like they were gentle, if Prepaid24 rolled their eyes, I would not know. I realised that we had received 2 of the 3 numbers and one was missing. I was able to give them information, which i guessed at, but Prepaid24 was able to send the tokens once again. Eureka, I found the missing one and the day was saved. By the way, for the first time ever, we had not received the token via email but the online consultant was able to resend them all. My second time using live chat and it was not only painless but i really appreciated the assistance. In life we are quick to post the bad and I for one am proud that I can be counted among the privileged to receive good customer experience. Posted via HelloPeter by Gugulethu B from on 17th May 2019
I have had first class service from one of the consultants at Prepaid 24 when I inadvertently bought electricity without informing them that my email address had changed as well as being overseas and using a UK number. I was given my voucher bought a few weeks ago and i could use my electricity token. Thank you Prepaid24! Posted via HelloPeter by Alison A from on 17th May 2019


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