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See comments from clients on the 24/7 Payment Platform, for prepaid electricity in Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

Puik vriendelike diens Posted via HelloPeter by Morne Eloff from on 7th November 2017
Awesome service, thank you team Prepaid24 Posted via Facebook by Tracey Keys from on 7th November 2017
I was experiencing a problem getting a token for prepaid electricity that I had purchased and the Prepaid24 Consultant was extremely helpful in helping sort out the issue on this Sunday!. Posted via HelloPeter by Dalene Murie from on 7th November 2017
SUPERIOR SUPPORT AT PREPAID24! After my prepaid meter was installed today, I got stuck with the uploading of funds, etc. Prepaid24's advisors on live chat gave me patiently directions. I really battled because I had a bad signal connection... I think they picked up my “emotional disturbed mind” and carry me through the whole process until tone of the consultants phoned me with the news of me being now connected! These Prepaid24 advisors were supportive, friendly, efficient and earned my highest recognition and appreciation for their service! Posted via HelloPeter by Anne Arnoldi from on 21st October 2017
Excellent product and service. Will recommend everyone to load them and make use of service, sat in the dark without power. Found them on line struggled a bit but the Prepaid24 consultant on live chat sorted it all out in a few minutes and explained how it all worked and got power loaded in a few minutes. absolutely brilliant and a lifesaver not it will be quick and easy to buy power anytime no more hassles Posted via HelloPeter by Riaan Pelzer from on 21st October 2017
Fantastic Service! I tried to log into my Prepaid24 account which I had last used more that 5 years (and 4 houses) ago, only to find that I no longer had access to the email account I had to register. After 5 minutes I got a call from a very helpful lady stating that they saw that I was struggling to log in and wanted to know if they could help. Not 10 minutes later everything was sorted out. And all of this after hours! Superb pro-active customer service from them. Colour me impressed. Posted via HelloPeter by Jacques Botha from on 21st October 2017
Dealing with the Prepaid24 consultant on Live Chat was an absolute pleasure. She was professional, friendly and efficient. If I could give her more than 5 stars for the service I received I would. Well done to you ! Posted via HelloPeter by Kelly Gafney from on 21st October 2017
Gobsmacked, in the best way. Bravo. If only our local municipality as well as government departments could emulate the attitude of Prepaid 24, who's motto is "Consistently Exceeding Your Expectations", South African customer service could become World class. Thank you Prepaid24 (And the good lady from Mossel Bay) for restoring my faith. (ABBREVIATED) Posted via HelloPeter by Barrie Kennet from on 21st October 2017
Fabulous service from Prepaid24. Today, I had a faulty prepaid meter replaced by the municipality and got a new prepaid card number to use. Prepaid24's team made for an easy effortless transition. Within minutes of emailing them, I was informed what to do online and then they activated the new number, so that I can continue buying units from my cell phone anytime, anywhere. Very relieved. Great efficient service. Thank you. Posted via HelloPeter by Celeste from on 21st October 2017
I like the service already...l signed up last night and 3 minutes after l received a call from support telling me that my registration was successful and they really helped me a lot, answered the 100 questions l asked them.Keep up the good work guys...Thank you Prepaid24. Posted via Facebook by Bongz from on 21st September 2017
Absolutely awesome company and staff. Have had such great service without any delays or hiccups. They deliver on time and without hassle. Thank you Prepaid24 for making life easier when it comes to buying electricity. They also keep clients up dated on products and on rate hikes taking place for electricity. They also sms you and send an email to confirm units bought. If only other companies could learn a thing or two from them on client support and service delivery. Thank you Prepaid24. Keep up the good work. Posted via HelloPeter by Rose from on 7th September 2017
First time user and the online consultant was awesome, told me step by step what to do. Guess I will stop using Powertime, the service is so much better at Prepaid24, thanks Cameron! Very knowledgeable, patient, answered all my questions... Posted by Nathan from on 7th September 2017


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