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See comments from clients on the 24/7 Payment Platform, for prepaid electricity in Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

Service does exist! This morning I was struggling to log on to My Prepaid24 account to buy some prepaid electricity. I decided to use the live chat and was helped by the Prepaid24 Consultant who gave me hope that there was still people in this world that knew how to be of service. She was pleasant efficient and wish that she was employed by my company as she is a real asset. Posted via HelloPeter by Mark Lanz from on 29th January 2018
Easy and very understanding! Posted via HelloPeter by Armand Scherman from on 29th January 2018
Thank you Prepaid24 for great service, highly recommended! Posted via HelloPeter by Amanda from on 29th January 2018
Efficient friendly online support! The banking app decided to change the reference number. The Prepaid24 Consultant assisted via the online help section. Quick, friendly, efficient. Posted via HelloPeter by Gavin Edwards from on 26th January 2018
Fantastic service! Thank you to Prepaid24 for the fantastic online chat service. They are professional, friendly and extremely efficient when sorting our my issue with prepaid electricity. Posted via HelloPeter by Billie Joubert from on 26th January 2018
Excellent Service! The Prepaid24 Support Consultant went above and beyond my expectations to ensure that I was assisted! Posted via HelloPeter by Lynne Carter from on 25th January 2018
The Prepaid24 Consultant was very professional in handling my issue even though the fault was mine for writing the invalid payment amount when making my electricity purchase. He went the extra mile and provided me with a switfer easier way to make similar future transactions. More than exceeded my expectations! Posted via HelloPeter by Charles from on 24th January 2018
Excellent service! Very helpful and sorted my problem in under an hour. Posted via HelloPeter by Darlene from on 24th January 2018
This evening I was in desperate need of electricity and had to make use, for the first time, of Prepaid24. After doing an eft I just had this notion that I had not completed the transaction correctly and went online with them to find out exactly how the system works and this is when the Prepaid24 Consultant came to my rescue. She explained, step by step, exactly what I must do and after receiving my proof of payment she explained what I had done wrong. Throughout our conversations online I could feel her friendliness, understanding and patience. Because of this I had an extremely satisfying experience of doing my first online purchase of electricity. I cannot thank Prepaid24 enough for their help. Posted via HelloPeter by Desire Schutte from on 22nd January 2018
Awesome and Efficient Staff! Got stuck with no Prepaid electricity and an outstanding bill from Municipality. The Prepaid24 Support Online Consultant helped me to pay the bill and get electricity without any hassles. Thanks Prepaid24 - you are a STAR. Posted via HelloPeter by Stephan Van Eeden from on 22nd January 2018
Excellent service from Prepaid24! Had problems by not receiving my token number after purchasing R3000 electricity. Spoke to the Prepaid24 Online Support Consultant who sorted out my issues within a few minutes; Really excellent service form Prepaid24. Posted via HelloPeter by Louis from on 22nd January 2018
Thank You! I have just registered and made my first (test) purchase but it didn't go well since after an hour I have not had my token SMS to me. Also my new tenants are waiting for the tokens with 0 credit, not a good way to start lessor / lessee relationship. I logged on the Live Chat and the Prepaid24 Consultant not only resolved my query, but fixed my registration errors, got my token sent to me and also answered some other questions while I waited. I am now registered at Prepaid24 and have made my first successful purchase. I just hope you guys continue maintain the same standard as I have received this evening ... thanks Prepaid24 Posted via HelloPeter by Faaiz from on 17th January 2018


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