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See comments from clients on the 24/7 Payment Platform, for prepaid electricity in Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

I chatted with one of the online consultants and she really went out of her way to assist me. I changed address and therefor also meter details. My token took a little bit long to come through. She quickly helped me and I received my token promptly. Thank you for a great service you guys provide and keep up the good work!! Posted via HelloPeter by Elmien from Johannesburg on 9th March 2016
I usually pay my Tshwane account through Prepaid24, by buying my electricity voucher, and then applying the amount bought to my Tshwane account. There was some delay today in the process, but one of the consultants at Prepaid24 went the extra mile to help me get the payment sorted. Great service from Prepaid24! Posted via HelloPeter by Johan from Pretoria on 8th March 2016
When I bought electricity through Prepaid24 I used the wrong reference and did not receive my pin for the electricity that I bought, I contacted Prepaid24 through their online support, and within minutes a consultant was helping me, he even taught me some handy things about when you make EFT. Thanks again!! Posted via HelloPeter by Dirk from Brits on 8th March 2016
What a great relief and pleasure when I needed to change my e-mail address and password at Prepaid24. The online support works well and when I experience problems because I am IT LIMITED EDITION, and I was phoned and assisted over the phone. With the help and assistance it was a matter of minutes and it was done. GREAT!! Thank you Prepaid24!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Joos from Pretoria on 8th March 2016
Wow! Thank you Prepaid24 for the quick response. Five star customer service indeed. Posted via Live Support by Sarie from Sasolburg on 4th March 2016
I had a meter installed and when I logged on to buy electricity I completed the process, but when I made my payment from my bank account I forgot to fill in my ref number, I immediately got online with the support team and one of the consultants assisted me immediately. The service is fantastic, it is fast and really efficient. Well done Prepaid24, this is what customer service in this country should be like. Posted via HelloPeter by Cheri from Johannesburg on 2nd March 2016
I am very happy with the service I received from one of the consultants at Prepaid24. 5 Star service!! Posted via Live Support by Lee-Ann from Knysna on 2nd March 2016
It was almost 22h00 and we had problems changing our details on our profile in order to receive our token, due to live support at Prepaid24, the problem was resolved within a few minutes, we would have been without power. Extremely happy with the excellent service. Well done!! Posted via HelloPeter by Derick from Pretoria on 2nd March 2016
I bought my monthly quota of prepaid electricity. Instead of buying R1200.00, I bought R12,000.00 by mistake. Prepaid24 called me to advise that I had bought the larger amount and suspected an error. They emailed me and arranged to credit the balance to my account. Great service, thank you! This type of service is hard to find these days! Posted via HelloPeter by Adrian from Cape Town on 1st March 2016
I connected with Prepaid24 live support within minutes and my problem was sorted out. Excellent service. Posted via HelloPeter by Maria from Johannesburg on 27th February 2016
I have registered on my house workers daughters behalf to be able to assist them in buying prepaid electricity in Mafikeng. Battled with log in procedure and voucher. Contacted live support, such great response and help received. He even spoke to me in perfect "Afrikaans". Problem resolved promptly. I am very impressed. They can set an example for other call centres. Posted via HelloPeter by Elna from Johannesburg on 25th February 2016
I'd like to thank Prepaid24 for the excellent service on prepaid electricity. Each consultant that chatted to me was very helpful, they even went the extra mile in calling me with regards to my queries. Very impressive service guys, keep up the good work!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Rebekah from Johannesburg on 24th February 2016


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