The Smart Way to Pay

The SmartFund truly is the easiest way to use Prepaid24. The SmartFund facility ensures that you’ll never have to wait for the clearance of payments and removes banking delays from your purchase process altogether.

Once you’ve topped your SmartFund up, you will enjoy instant product delivery – 24/7!

You can top up your SmartFund facility by means of an Instant EFT via Ozow, a Manual EFT or by using your Credit Card through PayFast. Your funds will then be available in your Prepaid24 SmartFund – ready for you to use whenever you want to, without the need to make additional or multiple payments.

With credit on your SmartFund, you will simply be able to create an order, select “SmartFund” as your preferred payment option, enter your SmartFund Pin and your purchase will be processed. IT’S THAT EASY.

So, if you use Prepaid24 multiple times per month and need to make regular transactions, the SmartFund may be the perfect solution for you, as it was created with your challenges and unique requirements in mind.

With the Prepaid24 SmartFund, your prepaid products and vouchers will always be mere moments away!

If you like the idea of instant product delivery but prefer to do it all in one step whenever you need the products, our Instant EFT via Ozow may be the payment option for you to consider. For more information, kindly click here: Instant EFT via Ozow

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