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Prepaid24: South Africa’s Top-Rated Prepaid Electricity Provider

Tired of feeling left in the dark with your prepaid electricity purchases?

Annoyed with dealing with hidden fees every time you need to top up your electricity?

If you’re looking for a safer & easier way to purchase your prepaid electricity without having to deal with hidden fees, then you’re at the right place.

Prepaid24 is South Africa’s leading prepaid electricity provider, giving you quick & easy access to prepaid experts to assist you with all your prepaid needs.

With Prepaid24, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll never have to deal with the frustrations of being passed from call centre to call centre when you need help with your prepaid electricity.

With you at the heart of our business, we go the extra mile to provide around-the-clock customer support that helps keep your lights on.

Nothing is kept in the dark with Prepaid24, which means you can say bye-bye to hidden fees when purchasing your electricity!

For over a decade, Prepaid24 has helped thousands of homeowners keep their prepaid electricity meters topped up, and we can do the same for you!

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Take Control Of Your Electricity Spend

How much did you spend on electricity last month? How does that compare to what you spent last year?

Most people don’t have the answers to these questions. But to optimise your electricity spend and get the most out of your purchases, it’s vital to have this information.

As South Africa’s expert electricity partner, Prepaid24 has the solution for you:

All Prepaid24 clients receive a FREE Monthly Electricity Breakdown for every meter on their profile. This report is sent on the 1st business day of every month and includes your purchases, spend and units received (kilowatts) for the previous month. No other online provider offers this service.

Your Monthly Electricity Breakdown also includes a 12-month overview of your electricity spend, highlighting your consumption trends and the effects that changing seasons, school holidays and alternating loadshedding schedules have on your electricity consumption.

You cannot improve what you do not measure. By making your electricity purchases through Prepaid24, you will get expert electricity insights and a powerful budgeting tool to help you understand and optimise your household’s electricity consumption.

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Personalised Electricity Purchase Reminders

We’ve all forgotten to buy electricity at some stage. It’s not a pleasant experience.

With so much to think about and remember, you can’t be blamed for forgetting the occasional electricity purchase. After all, there are more important things to remember – like picking up the kids at school!

As your dedicated electricity partner, Prepaid24 wants to take on the responsibility of remembering your purchases on your behalf, which is why we developed our Electricity Purchase Reminders feature.

Imagine receiving a friendly WhatsApp reminder on the days of the month that you usually buy electricity? Well, with Prepaid24 this can be a reality! You won’t have to remember (or forget) an electricity purchase ever again.

Prepaid24 has got you covered. If you’re someone who buys electricity multiple times a month, that’s also catered for. You can schedule up to 3 purchase reminders in a calendar month, ensuring that you don’t miss a single top-up.

Electricity Purchase Reminders are a FREE feature for Prepaid24 clients and can be added, edited or removed at any time.

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True Convenience = Completely Forgetting About Buying Electricity

Had enough of forgetting to top up your meter every month? Getting tired of revisiting a website or app every time you need to buy prepaid electricity?

If you’re looking for a way to dodge the hassle of constantly checking your electricity meter’s balance, Prepaid24 has the solution for you.

Prepaid24 is South Africa’s only prepaid electricity provider that allows you to set up automatic recurring purchases for your electricity.

That’s right, you won’t forget a purchase ever again! Prepaid24 has it sorted.

For us, convenience is about more than an easy purchase process. It’s about making purchases AUTOMATIC for our clients, so that they don’t have to lift a finger to get their monthly electricity tokens!

No commitments or extra fees. You can also cancel or edit your purchase at any time.

It’s simple: You set up your scheduled payment ONCE and your purchases get done on autopilot. No need for you to stress about missed purchases.

With Prepaid24, you can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your electricity will always be topped up accurately and on time.

So, why not try Prepaid24’s top-rated service by making your first purchase with us?

One of our expert consultants will also be in touch with you to answer any questions you may have about Prepaid24 and our scheduled purchases solution.

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Why Should You Set Up A Scheduled
Electricity Purchase?

Here is Corné Lindeque from Prepaid24 explaining some of the incredible benefits our scheduled purchases solution can offer you, as well as the many headaches it can solve...

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BONUS! Monthly Electricity Report

Prepaid24 will send you a comprehensive monthly electricity breakdown which outlines your prepaid purchases, electricity tokens and annual trends.

In this report, you’ll be able to see exactly how much you are spending on electricity every month and get a better understanding of how different seasons, holiday periods and alternating loadshedding schedules impact your electricity spend.

BONUS! Electricity Purchase Reminders

Set up personalised WhatsApp purchase reminders on dates of your choice and let Prepaid24 take on the responsibility of remembering your electricity purchases on your behalf.

Purchase reminders can be added, edited and removed at any time. This is a FREE feature for Prepaid24 clients!

BONUS! Concierge Setup

We won’t leave you in the dark during or after your account setup. Once you sign up, we’ll give you a call to assist with starting your Prepaid24 journey.

We’ll also answer any questions you may have along the way to give you the full prepaid picture as well as some tips on how to make the most of your prepaid electricity purchases.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Judy A

I received prompt service from Zeeta at Prepaid24 when I contacted them on their Live Chat. My tokens had not arrived via SMS after my payment had been made. Within minutes, Zeeta arranged for the tokens to be sent again. What a relief! Thank you, Zeeta!

Dwain N

Top Service - Big Thumbs Up! Very efficient & professional service from Nixon, Cecile & Team. I would gladly recommend Prepaid24 to anyone. It was such a pleasure to deal with these guys.

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