Prepaid24 Scheduled Purchases

Exactly how easy can your monthly electricity purchases be?

Here is Corné Lindeque from Prepaid24, explaining some of the incredible benefits that our scheduled purchases solution can offer you, as well as the many headaches it can solve...

The steps to set up your very first scheduled electricity purchase with Prepaid24 can be found a bit lower on this page. You can also request a call for assistance from one of our expert consultants.

How do scheduled purchases work?

You can set up a scheduled EFT payment to Prepaid24 through your online banking. This will let your monthly electricity purchases take place automatically! No other provider offers this service.

When setting up your scheduled EFT, you will specify an amount (usually the minimum amount of electricity you use during a month) and choose a date on which your scheduled EFT must be made every month (for example, on the 1st). You will also set an end date for your scheduled payment.

Once you have set up your payment, it will be made automatically every month on the date that you set, and Prepaid24 will send you your electricity tokens via SMS and email, without the need for you to lift a finger!

There are no obligations, commitments or extra fees. You can also cancel your scheduled purchase at any time.

Select your bank to view the steps to set up a scheduled EFT payment:

Absa Capitec FNB Nedbank Standard Bank

If you’d like one of our caring consultants to guide you through the process, kindly click the button below.


Stop Worrying About Running Out Of Power

Had enough of forgetting to top up your meter every month? Getting tired of revisiting a website or app every time you need to buy prepaid electricity?

If you’re looking for a way to dodge the hassle of constantly checking your electricity meter’s balance, we have the solution for you.

Prepaid24 is South Africa’s only electricity provider that allows you to set up recurring purchases.

That’s right, you won’t forget an electricity purchase ever again! We’ve got you covered.

For us, convenience is about more than just an easy purchase process. It’s about making your purchases AUTOMATIC, so that you don’t have to lift a finger to get your monthly electricity tokens!

With Prepaid24, you can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your electricity will always be topped up accurately and on time.