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Whether you need to purchase electricity, airtime or data in bulk, need a dependable API integration to offer prepaid products on your own platform, or simply want to capitalise on the buying power of your customer base, Prepaid24 has the partnership model for you.

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Corporate API

Are you a company who wants to provide your clients with a wide range of value-added services (VAS) on your app or website? If so, Prepaid24's Corporate API is the solution for you. Enjoy a lightning-fast API, with instant product fulfilment and top-class support.

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Banking API

Offer your banking clients a full bouquet of value added services (VAS), including prepaid electricity, airtime, data, and municipal bill payments. With a state-of-the-art API, this white-labelled solution will provide your clients with an unparalleled VAS experience on your app and/or website.

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Crypto API

If you're a crypto exchange or wallet that wants to provide your users with a wide range of value-added services (VAS) on your app or website, then Prepaid24's Crypto API is the perfect solution for you. This is a fully white-labelled API solution, with users never leaving your interface.

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Affiliate Program

Prepaid24's affiliate program offers immediate value for both parties, without needing time-consuming development on either side. Partners can capitalise on the purchasing of their userbase by receiving a portion of Prepaid24's revenue earned from these individuals over a period of time.

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