Frequently Asked Questions


There are various reasons that could be causing the delay in your tokens being sent, ranging from municipal issues to network challenges. Kindly contact our Online Support so that one of our professional consultants can assist you in getting your token(s).

Unfortunately, we are not able to reverse your token.

Prepaid electricity tokens are issued on a specific meter number and can only be redeemed on that meter. However, even though Prepaid24 cannot reverse your token, you can contact your municipality directly, they may be able to assist you if you haven’t yet redeemed the token.

We can quickly find out for you!

Kindly contact our Online Support and provide us with your meter number so that we can determine the supplier/municipality of your meter, we’ll gladly assist you.

Your electricity meter may have been blocked by your municipality due to some outstanding fees on your municipal account. You will need to contact your municipality regarding the outstanding amount and to get the block lifted from your meter. You will only be able to purchase electricity once they have lifted the block on their side.

There are several error messages that can display on your meter. Here are explanations and some tips on what to do when you receive the message:

  1. SAD face - This usually means that a typing error was made when the token was entered. Try to re-enter the token, making sure of each digit.
  2. DDDD” - This appears when a token has probably been entered and redeemed. Kindly use a new token.
  3. Error 30” - There is a technical error on your meter. Try switching off your meter as well as your electricity mains and wait a few minutes. Turn them back on and retry the token. If “Error 30” persists, you should contact your municipality who’ll need to send a technician to have a look at your meter.

If you received a new meter or moved elsewhere and now have a different meter, you can still purchase with Prepaid24. All you need to do is update your meter number in your MyPP24Profile. Please find the steps to do so below:

  1. Log into your MyPP24Profile.
  2. Go to “Manage” and click on “Numbers & Accounts”.
  3. Click on “Manage Numbers” and choose “Electricity Meters”.
  4. Find the meter or municipality that you want to change and update the applicable information.
  5. Under the meter/municipality that you changed, click on “Action” and then “Update”.

Yes, you will!

We get electricity directly from your municipality. If you are entitled to free units, you will receive two tokens: one for your purchase made & one for the free units due to you.

If you’re unsure about whether you qualify for free units, you can contact your municipality to find out & to register for free units if needed.


Don’t worry, this happens all the time – your money is NOT lost!

Kindly contact our Online Support. One of our professional consultants will assist you in getting the matter resolved.

Yes, you can! Just make sure that your payments aren’t the exact same amount when paying more than once within 5 days. This will ensure that your transactions aren’t delayed and are seamlessly processed.

If the payments are more than 5 days apart, you can use the same amount again.

Using the correct beneficiary reference is vital in getting your payments processed quickly.

Below is a guideline of what you can use in certain situations: (NOTE: No spaces or brackets are allowed in your references)

  • If you are buying electricity for your primary meter number, your reference will be E(Your Registered Cell Number).
  • If you want to purchase airtime for your primary cell number, you can simply use the first letter of your network provider (V for Vodacom; M for MTN; C for Cell C; T for Telkom) along with your registered cell phone number.
    (EXAMPLE: If you are at Vodacom and your cell number is 078 444 5555, you will use V0784445555 as reference)
  • If you are buying Google Play Gift Codes, your reference will be G(Your Registered Cell Number).
  • If you are buying Netflix Vouchers, your reference will be N(Your Registered Cell Number).
  • If you want to top-up your SmartFund, your reference will be P(Your Registered Cell Number).
  • When you purchase products other than the above OR you purchase multiple products in a cart, a UNIQUE reference number will be generated EVERY time you create an order. This number will appear on the screen after you’ve chosen EFT Payment as your payment method. You can only use this reference ONCE.

You can still purchase through Prepaid24!

If you use the EFT payment method, all you need to do is make your EFT to our ABSA Bank account and send your PDF Proof of Payment to admin1@prepaid24.co.za. Your tokens will then be sent to you via SMS and email within minutes after making your payment!

Below are our ABSA Bank account’s details for you to use in your payments to us:

Account Name: Prepaid24
Account nr: 4074826482
Branch: 632005

Remember: You can also use the Instant EFT via Ozow or Prepaid24’s SmartFund payment methods to avoid inter-banking clearance delays with EFT payments.

The minimum purchase amount for Prepaid24’s products are as follows:

  • Electricity: R10
  • Airtime: R2
  • Google Play Gift Codes: R50
  • Netflix Vouchers: R250
  • DSTV Payments: R10

Any of our other products will have a fixed voucher amount where no minimum restrictions are applicable.

*FNB payments of less than R110 might experience clearance delays. We suggest that you make your purchase amounts more than R110 if paying through FNB.


Prepaid24 doesn’t have an app, but we do have the Prepaid24 Instant Link which can be saved onto your phone’s home screen. This link is like your very own prepaid “app” and gives you instant access to everything from Instant Product Purchases to viewing your Last 5 Tokens and Municipality Status (Online of Offline). Read more about the Prepaid24 Instant Link.

If you want to download your personal Instant Link onto your phone, you can register with Prepaid24 if you’re not already registered: Prepaid24 Sign Up. When you’re registered, you can find the simple steps on how to save your Instant Link onto your phone’s home screen by going to Android & Apple respectively.

You can save your VAT number to your profile and when you’ve received your electricity token via email, you can use the email attachment as your VAT invoice. If you open the attachment and look at the bottom, you will see ‘Customer VAT#’ and your VAT number. You can then retain these as VAT invoices and support for your SARS VAT claims.

If you haven't added your VAT number to your profile/meter number yet, please feel free to contact our Online Support for the steps on how to do this.

The Instant Link is almost like Prepaid24’s app and offers you instant access to all your prepaid essentials. With the Instant Link, your prepaid electricity and online vouchers will always be a click away!

What makes the Prepaid24 Instant Link special is that each client has their OWN Instant Link which is automatically connected to their registered meter and cell numbers, meaning that you won’t ever need to specify any unnecessary information.

The Prepaid24 Instant Link provides you with instant access to:

  • Live Chat Support
  • Viewing your Last 5 Tokens purchased through Prepaid24 (in case you lost one)
  • Viewing your Municipality’s Status (if they’re Online or Offline)
  • Instant product purchases & managing your personal MyPP24Profile & information

If you want to download your personal Instant Link onto your phone’s home screen, you can find the simple steps on how to do so by going to Android & Apple respectively.

As a security measure, your SmartFund facility is automatically deactivated when you update your SmartFund PIN. Kindly contact our Online Support so that one of our professional consultants can re-activate your SmartFund for you.