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Clients' Comments

See comments from clients after they have used the Prepaid24 Platform, that is available 24/7 to buy prepaid electricity for Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

When I did not received my prepaid electricity token, I contacted Prepaid24 on their online Live Chat and in no time the problem was sorted. Wish there were more companies like Prepaid24! Posted via HelloPeter by Desiree from on 28th March 2017
Amazing Customer Service Registering was easy with Prepaid24 and within seconds of my EFT I had a phone call from a Prepaid24 consultant who was extremely helpful in getting my prepaid electricity voucher to me.  This is an example of outstanding  customer service . Posted via HelloPeter by Pier from on 28th March 2017
Needed support with my prepaid electricity token, used the online Live Chat and was sorted out within 2 minutes. Great service Posted via HelloPeter by Ian from on 27th March 2017
Just want to say thank you Prepaid24 for your great online service for buying prepaid electricity and airtime. Posted via HelloPeter by Stephan from on 27th March 2017
Great service received from Prepaid24 when I bought prepaid electricity online. Posted via HelloPeter by Leandri from on 26th March 2017
I was assisted by a Prepaid24 consultant to setup my SmartFund. He took me through the whole process from setup to making my purchase. This company is definitely a keeper. And I wish that there were more companies like Prepaid24 to assist customers. Thank you for your assistance. Prepaid24 are #awesome. Posted via HelloPeter by Grant from on 24th March 2017
Very Excellent service and response! Prepaid24 was awesome with the best service. I received my prepaid electricity tokens real quickly! Posted via HelloPeter by Christo from on 22nd March 2017
Great service from Prepaid24 on their "Live Chat" when I made an error when purchasing prepaid electricity. All sorted in no time. Posted via HelloPeter by Sue from on 22nd March 2017
What great service I used the wrong reference number for prepaid electricity, but luckily Prepaid24 was able to fix the situation for me. They are real stars.  Posted via HelloPeter by Itisi from on 17th March 2017
And then the light went on! In our dark world of today where most are so stressed and tired, it was a light in the tunnel to liaise with Prepaid24 earlier today.  I chatted with a consultant on their "Live Chat". The consultant was perfect in her attitude, keeping me informed of what she is doing. What a pleasure! Posted via HelloPeter by Elsabe from on 16th March 2017


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