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See comments from clients after they have used the Prepaid24 Platform, that is available 24/7 to buy prepaid electricity for Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

I made use of Prepaid24 and was surprised when they phoned me and thanked me for my support. I also talked to the 24/7 online support team and they was really friendly and supportive. I think they are a GREAT firm and want to thank them for their brilliant service. Please keep it up!! Posted via HelloPeter by Barend from Johannesburg on 17th May 2015
I was hesitant to register at first. This is a awesome service,so unbelievable. They just exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the 24/7 support team for keeping me informed and updating me every minute. Great attitude too. This is exceptional service!! Posted via This Website by Monalisa from Midrand on 16th May 2015
I did not supply unique reference number on bank statement and Prepaid24 went out of there way to try and find my payment, when they could not find it, they phoned me and talked me through all the steps to buy some electricity, within 5 minutes I was able to print my token. Excellent service from Prepaid24!! Thank you!! Posted via HelloPeter by Elsa from Cape Town on 16th May 2015
I purchased prepaid electricity via Prepaid24 app, token was not sent through to me. I contacted Prepaid24, they explained to me the reason why the token was not sent(FNB delayed in processing). They figured a way to fix the problem, they was friendly all the time. I received the token. GREAT JOB!! Posted via HelloPeter by Gumpi from Cape Town on 16th May 2015
Bought power on FNB online banking, never received my recharge code. Contacted Prepaid24, and they helped me sort the problem out in 4 minutes and I received my code. Give them a try. The 24/7 online support team at Prepaid24 are the best!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Dirk from Johannesburg on 14th May 2015
Every now and then, and not so often, you come across an institution that really delivers. I purchased electricity as I always do, but my meter was blocked. After unblocking the meter. I went to the 24/7 online support, seven in the morning. It wasn't longer than 5 minutes and I received the token. Great service!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Andre from Johannesburg on 12th May 2015
I had an issue with my prepaid electricity meter being replaced and therefor my prepaid purchases was not working. The linking of my new meter to my existing Prepaid24 account was swiftly sorted out. All was done using Prepaid24's, 24/7 online support service. WELL DONE PEPAID24!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Jaco from Pretoria on 12th May 2015
BETER AS KOOPKRAG24 KRY MENS NIE....WELGEDAAN!!! Posted via Live Support by Mari from Pretoria on 12th May 2015
Just want to thank Prepaid24 for resolving my token issue last week. THANK YOU PREPAID24!!! Posted via HelloPeter by George from Cape Town on 10th May 2015
Excellent and efficient service received from the 24/7 online support team when my token numbers did not come through on SMS. Friendly team who kept me informed while searching for my token numbers. Thank you Prepaid24!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Shawn from Johannesburg on 10th May 2015
We welcome and appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions or enquiries about your transactions, our Support team is waiting for you HERE.
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