Get Your OTT Vouchers Today

OTT Voucher looks like an airtime voucher but works like a bank card, empowering you to safely transact online using your cash.

Whether you like cash payments or just don’t have convenient access to digital banking facilities, OTT can provide access to the digital economy anywhere, anytime, on your terms! No hidden fees, no charges, and you can always use the total value of the Voucher you buy!

  1. Navigate to the balance section of the platform you're using and select OTT Voucher as your preferred payment method.
  2. Type in the 12-digit PIN code, and tap redeem.

That's it! Your account is topped, and you’re ready to #UseYourCashOnline.

You can view OTT Voucher’s terms & conditions on: https://ottvoucher.com/terms-and-conditions/.