Add your instant link on Android

Step 1

Go to Google Chrome & log into your MyPP24Profile.

Step 2

Click on “Open your Instant Link” at the bottom of your profile home.

Step 3

Tap the Chrome menu bar. It is an icon with 3 dots at the top-right next to the address bar.

Step 4

Select “Add to Home Screen”.

Step 5

Give the shortcut a name (i.e. Prepaid24) and click on “Add”.

Step 6

Tap on “Add” again to add the shortcut to your home screen.

Your Prepaid24 Instant Link will now be on your phone’s home screen, for you to place it wherever you like.

You will now be able to enjoy instant access to everything from your Last 5 Tokens purchased to making any necessary MyPP24Profile changes within moments!

Go to your MyPP24Profile