Prepaid24 Business Profile

The Prepaid24 Business Profile is where you, as a Prepaid24 Business Services client, can manage your company information and purchases, set and edit transaction preferences, and request all important documentation.

The Prepaid24 Business Profile allows you to have peace of mind when it comes to the management of your information and enables you to:

  • view your registered products and services;
  • verify your reference numbers;
  • check and top up the balance of your SmartFund facility;
  • view your transaction history;
  • manage your company information
  • request Proformas & VAT invoices; and
  • request BEE certificates & procurement documentation

Above all, the Prepaid24 Business Profile offers you the convenience of being able to take care of bulk transactions with a single payment!

When it comes to the management and execution of your business’s prepaid purchases, the Prepaid24 Business Profile is the place to be.