Buy Electricity For Multiple Meters

Step 1

Go to our Buy Now page and click on the “Prepaid Electricity” panel.

Step 2

Choose your municipality, fill in your meter number, and enter your recharge amount.

Step 3

Click on “Add to Cart”.

Step 4

Repeat steps 3 & 4 for every meter you want recharged.

Step 5

Once you've added all your items, click on “Check Out” at the bottom of the page.

Step 6

Sign Up or Login to continue with your order.

Step 7

Once signed up or logged in, confirm your order and click on “Pay Now”.

Step 8

Choose your payment method and follow the prompts thereafter.

After making your payment, your electricity token will be sent to you via SMS and email within 15 minutes.

NOTE: If you have chosen Manual EFT as your payment option and you buy for more than one meter, you will receive a unique EFT reference number which you can use to make your EFT with. This reference changes each time you create a new purchase order, so you can only use it ONCE.

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