Step 1:
Go to
Step 2:
Click on the “GooglePlay” button at center of your screen

Step 3:
You’ll be taken to our GooglePlay product page.
Select your desired voucher amount from the drop-down list and choose the quantity you wish to purchase.
Click on “Add to cart” and then select “Checkout”.

Step 4:
Depending on whether you are already registered with Prepaid24, you’ll need to either Log In or quickly Sign Up.

Step 5:
You’ll be taken to the “View Cart” screen where you’ll be able to confirm your order.
Click "Pay with EFT"

Step 6:
If you’ve not already added Prepaid24 as a beneficiary on your online banking, select your bank of choice to view our banking details for that bank.
To complete your order, simply make your EFT payment to us with the reference provided.

Your Voucher Codes will be sent to you within minutes after your payment!
Important note: The moment you purchase for more than 1 meter, you will be given a unique cart reference for each transaction. You will need to use this as the beneficiary reference for your EFT payment. (Kindly note that this reference will be different each time you purchase.)