Step 1:

Click on your Prepaid24 Instant Link icon on your phone’s home screen.

If you have not yet loaded your personal Prepaid24 Instant Link onto your phone’s home screen, you can quickly do so by following the steps for iPhone or Android. You can also view one of the quick tutorials below:



Step 2:
You will be taken to your Instant Link Home Page. On your Home Page, select “Last 5 Tokens”.


Step 3:
Choose your meter number. The Last 5 Tokens bought through Prepaid24 for the selected meter will be displayed under the meter number.

On the Instant Link Home page, you will also be able to view your Municipality Status and make Instant Product Purchases

If you need any assistance whatsoever, you can contact one of our friendly Client Consultants by simply clicking the green “Live Chat” button.