Profile Management

MyPP24Profile is your space where you, as a Prepaid24 client, can log in with the details that you created when you registered to manage your personal information and transactions.

The MyPP24Profile allows you to have peace of mind when it comes to your information. You can:

  • view your registered products and services,
  • verify your reference numbers,
  • check the balance of your SmartFund, and
  • stay up to date with newly launched products and the latest news from Prepaid24.

Most of all, MyPP24Profile offers you the convenience of being able to take care of multiple transactions with a single payment.

Prepaid24 Instant Link
Effortlessly access your personalised and secure MyPP24Profile through the Instant Link on your mobile desktop. The link will be sent to your primary emaill address, and your profile will be just a click away!

Use your Cell Number and Password to Login (You can create or reset your password by selecting to LOG IN below)