Steve Tshwete Adding & Making Purchases for Multiple Accounts on a Single Profile

Step 1:
Go to
Click on the “Log In” icon at the top-right of your screen

Step 2:
Log in with your registered cell number and password.

Step 3:
To add an additional account, click “Manage Accounts” and select “Electricity Meters.”

Step 4:
Click “Add An Electricity Number.”

Step 5:
Select “Steve Tshwete” as municipality and insert your main municipal account number.
Click “Save Meter.”

Step 6:
To purchase your prepaid electricity, select the “Steve Tshwete” button on the MyPP24Profile homepage.

Step 7:
Click “View/Pay Account” next to the number you want to recharge/pay.

Step 8:
Your 4 municipal accounts and their outstanding balances will be shown.
Should you want to pay one of these, enter the amount in the block provided.

Step 9:
Should you want to pay one of these, enter the amount in the block provided.
To purchase prepaid electricity, enter your amount under “Buy Prepaid Electricity Token” and click “Save.”

Step 10:
Once the order is saved, click on “OK.”

Step 11:
Should you wish to add another purchase for a different account, click the Menu icon and select “Transact Now”

Step 12:
Select Prepaid Electricity from the product page.
Click “Click here” to add your Steve Tshwete transaction.

Step 13:
Follow Steps 8-10 for each additional Account/Meter Number.
Step 14:
A Checkout screen confirming your order will appear.

After confirming your order, read and tick the T&C's box.

Click "Submit"
Step 15:
Select you bank of choice to find our banking details for that specific bank.
Add Prepaid24 as a beneficiary on your online banking and make your EFT payment with the unique order reference provided.
Your electricity tokens will be emailed to you within minutes!

Important note: You will be given a unique cart reference for each transaction. These references, to be used when making your EFT payments, will be different for every purchase.