Buy for One Steve Tshwete Account

Step 1

Log into your MyPP24Profile.

Step 2

Click on “Transact” and click on the “Steve Tshwete” button.

Step 3

Specify the amount you want to pay next to each sub-account or click on “Settle” to pay the full amount.

Step 4

If you want to buy electricity as well, be sure to settle your arrears accounts first and then enter the recharge amount under “Buy Prepaid Electricity” and click on “Add Purchase”.

Step 5

On the “Checkout” page, confirm your order and click on “Pay Now”.

Step 6

Choose your preferred payment option and follow the simple on-screen prompts to make your payment.

You’ll have your electricity tokens sent to you within moments!

NOTE: If you have chosen Manual EFT as your payment option you will receive a unique EFT reference number that you can use to make your EFT with. This reference changes each time you create a new purchase order, so you can only use it ONCE.

Log into your MyPP24Profile