Prepaid24 Scheduled Purchases

We all know the dreaded feeling of realising that we forgot to buy electricity, airtime, Netflix vouchers or Google Play gift codes. In short: It’s not very nice…and that’s saying the very least!

Having interacted with countless clients who have had the above happen to them (along with some personal experience with this dilemma ourselves), Prepaid24 developed our Scheduled Purchases functionality.

Prepaid24’s Scheduled Purchases enable clients to schedule their essential prepaid purchases to be done automatically on dates they prefer. This removes the risk of forgetting altogether and means that clients can relax, knowing that their monthly purchases are taken care of. (You will simply receive an email and SMS stating that your purchase was completed successfully – as easy as that!)

Some of the products for which you can set up a scheduled purchase on Prepaid24 are:

  • Prepaid Electricity
  • Prepaid Airtime & Data
  • Netflix vouchers
  • Google Play gift codes

You can also set up a scheduled SmartFund top-up to be done every month. The SmartFund facility functions as your dedicated prepaid “wallet” and ensures that you never have to wait for the clearance of payments when making online purchases. You can enjoy instant product delivery – 24/7! For more on the SmartFund, kindly visit SmartFund.

Scheduled EFT payments can be set up on your online banking and have multiple benefits over debit orders, including much lower cost and increased flexibility in terms of payment amounts, dates and durations.

Should you have any questions or require some assistance with setting up a scheduled Prepaid24 purchase, please contact us on: Prepaid24 Support. One of our friendly Client Consultants will be more than happy to assist you and have your scheduled payment set up in minutes.

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