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30 MyMEG R12.00
Vodacom: 2GB - R249
2GB R249.00
Vodacom: 20MB - R10
MyMeg 20 R10
Vodacom: 50MB - R15
MyMeg 50 R15
Vodacom: MyMeg 150 - R39
MyMeg 150 R39
Vodacom: 300MB - R69
MyMeg 300 R69
Vodacom: MyGig 3 - R 299
MyGig 3 R299

BIS 30 days R59

BIS 90 days R177

100MB R29.00

1GB R149.00

Wireless bundle (100MB) R19

Wireless bundle (250MB) R29

Wireless bundle (500MB) R39

Wireless bundle (2048MB) R99

1GB X12 R899
2GBx12 - R1399
2GB X12 R1399

50MB X3 R29
Vodacom: 500MB X6 R339
500MB X6 R339

100MB X6 R119

250MB X6 R219

5GB X12 R3499

10GB X12 R5999

250MB R63.00

MyGig 5 R405

MyGig 10 R605

MyGig 20 R1010

500MB R100.00
MTN: 300MB - R85
300MB R85.00
MTN: 500MB - R105
500MB R105.00
MTN: 1GB - R160
1GB R160.00
MTN: 2GB - R260
2GB R260.00
MTN 100MB - R35
100MB R35.00
MTN: 10GB - R650
10GB R650.00
MTN: 20MB - R12
20MB R12.00
MTN: 3GB - R330
3GB R330.00

50MB R25.00
MTN: 5GB - R430
5GB R430.00

5MB R4.00



MTN: 100MB one day - R12
100MB 1DAY R12
MTN: 20MB 1 Day - R3
20MB 1DAY R3

50MB 1DAY R7

Weekly Internet 50MB R10

Weekly Internet 100MB R15

Weekly Internet 300MB R35

Weekly Internet 500MB R45

Weekly Internet 1GB R65

Fort Nightly 1GB R89
MTN: 20GB Monthly - R1250
Monthly 20GB Data Bundle R1250

6 Month One Time 100MB R99

6 Month One Time 300MB R259

6 Month One Time 500MB R339
MTN: One Time 1GB - R579
6 Month One Time 1GB R579
MTN: One time 2GB -R929
6 Month One Time 2GB R929
5GB - R999
6 Month One Time 5GB
MTN: 100MB Once Off - R159
12 Month One Time 100MB R159

12 Month One Time 300MB R399
500 MB - R529
12 Month One Time 500MB R529
1GB - R899
12 Month One Time 1GB R899
2GB - R 1399
12 Month One Time 2GB R1399

FreeMe Boost 500MB R70

FreeMe Boost 1GB R100

1GB R100.00

2GB R140.00

FreeMe Boost 2GB R150

FreeMe Boost 3GB R200

3GB R201.00

FreeMe Boost 5GB R305

5GB R301.00

FreeMe Boost 10GB R405

10GB R505.00

FreeMe Boost 20GB R605

20GB R905.00

50GB R1815.00
Cell C: 1GB - R149
1GB R149.00
Cell C: 2GB - R245
2GB R245.00
Cell C: 3GB - R299
3GB R299.00
Cell C: 1GB - R899
1GB X12 R899
Unlimited Calls,1GB Data,1000 SMS - R999
Prepaid Unlimited R999
Cell C: 2GB - R1299
2GB X12 R1299
Cell C: 3GB R299
3GB R299 - Once Off

500MB X12 R449

500MB R99.00

300MB R65.00

100MB R29.00

50MB R16.00

25MB R10.00

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